Application Bratislava 2019 EN

to the XXII. International Sugar Exchange Day, June 22, 2019 in Bratislava

KSBC Member: YesNo


I order(*): table for exchange à 5€ (130 CZK)/7€ (180 CZK)/table (à 7€(180 CZK)/9€(230 CZK) after 13. June).
I’ll be accompanied by: persons (2€ (50 CZK)person).

I’ll take part (without obligation) in:
- Collectors meeting on Friday 21. June persons.
- For those interested - tour with the tourist train on Saturday 22. June persons.
- OR visit of Bratislava Castle on Saturday 22. June persons.
- For those interested – walk through the city Bratislava on Sunday 23 June persons.

Special wishes:

Invitation (pdf)

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